Wednesday, January 28

Heart, soul and mind

I read recently that the best prayer you can pray for your children is that they would "Love the Lord their God with all their heart, all their soul and all their mind."

That is a very powerful prayer to pray! Not only are we praying Scripture, but we are praying for hearts, souls and minds.

I believe that in order to pray this for my son (and my spouse while I'm at it!), I need to be living it out myself.
What does it look like to love God with all my heart, soul AND mind?

As we know, our minds are a battlefield. Every day we fight battles with what we think about, how we think and what thoughts we allow to enter and take up residence in our minds.

The Greek word Jesus used for “mind” is dianoia, which means: Deep thought, exercising the mind, to think through.

Everything we allow in our minds we need to think through, analyze, consider, weigh the pros and cons. So much attention is given to our hearts and souls in our relationship with the Lord, it is easy to let our minds slip.

The reason? Because it is a daily battle. What worked yesterday may not work today. And may not work tomorrow. As we train our hearts to be healthy, we can train our minds to think on what is good, true, pure, noble and righteous.

But it does take training. It takes living intentionally and being slective with what we allow to enter our minds. This will enable us to love God with our hearts, soul and mind!

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