Friday, January 9

New Year's Resolutions-Home Improvement

In 2008, I focused on the verse in Ps 37:5 that says "Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

That prompted me to think of what my existing desires were?

I desired to be a good wife and know what pleased my husband
I desired to be a listening mom to all of my kids
I desired to be a friend that could be trusted and had truth to share
I desired to be a grandma that really was interested in her grandchildren
I desired to find out what it meant to 'delight in the Lord'!
I desired to keep a nice home
I desired to have energy to get through my days
I desired to keep my wardrobe in good repair
I desired to know more Bible verses by heart

On and on the list went, until I realized that what I had written was really a great list of resolutions, but put in a more energizing way. Rather than telling myself I had to do something in the New Year, I re-phrased it in a way that made the tasks something that I WANTED to do. These were the desires of my heart.

Then I had to back-track and ask myself if God saw that these were His desires for my heart. I was surprised to find out that they probably were! The desires were in line with His Word. I prayed that He would change my desires if He wanted to but otherwise, I was just going to move forward making those desires my 'new-found resolutions'.

I found these 'resolutions' are so user-friendly, because they are really my life-priorities.

So our Home Improvement assignment is this:
Pick a theme for 2009 if you haven't already and make a list of the desires of your heart. Will they become your New Year's Resolutions?

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