Tuesday, December 2

An intentional Christmas

As wise women, we strive to make choices intentionally. Our goal is to daily live out our purpose, priorities and principles.

During the Christmas season, it is so easy to let these slide.

Lets challenge one another this month to make choices wisely...deliberately...intentionally.

Every November a friend calls me and says lets get dates on the calendar for December. We plan to work on our Christmas cards together. We plan a day to bake Christmas cookies with a few family members. We plan events that are priorities in our life and we don't want the month to slip by without those happening.

I am so grateful for this friend and how she intentionally pursues me.

Make the choice to live out your priorities this month: whether that be family, friends, your faith, your home, etc.

Plan a new tradition. Take time to read the Christmas story each week. Take photographs that reflect the Christmas season. Call a friend who might be having a hard time and meet her for coffee. Turn on the Christmas music and let the true meaning of Christmas minister to your heart.

Living intentionally requires effort and planning on our part. Lets start today!

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