Tuesday, November 4

How many elections will you vote in during your lifetime?

Today my husband and I went to vote. We stood in line for 1 hour 15 minutes. While we were waiting a couple went to the front of the line - they were 94 years old. They had voted in 20 elections.


Ryan and I counted that this was our 4th election we have the privilege of voting in.

I was in awe that a couple of 94 years of age...moving quite delicately and slowly...would take the time and make it a priority to vote.

I wish I could sit down with that couple...and talk to them about what they've seen and experienced in life. About their marriage and commitment to one another. About the changes in politics, government, education, jobs. Can you imagine how different life was when they voted in their first election?

Just seeing them inspired me. Inspired me to make sure I always made it a priority to cast my ballot. Inspired me to stay committed to my spouse for the next 16 elections! Inspired me to look to the future with hope and anticipation.

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