Monday, November 17

We're Back...with Money-Saving Tips!

We apologize for the interruption on this blog. A gremlin shut it down for a bit, but I think we are good to go there anyone still checking out this blog? I hope so, because Stacy and I are excited to kick-off the holiday season with money-saving tips!

It isn't fun heading into the Christmas season with a tough economy and many jobs on the line, but it's a great time to really focus on the meaning of Christmas and make that shine in your home this year.

Creativity is the key, I think. Be creative when you are thinking of giving gifts.

This year, tell your friends that you will spend time rather than money and plan an evening when you can just hang out together.

Give a photo of you or your family to grandma and grandpa rather than buy an expensive present.

Bake with your children and give away the bounty.

Use cash to purchase the rest of your gifts. If you don't have the money, don't spend it!

Focus on making memories, not debt.

Do a fun, simple project with your kids every day during December as you count down to Christmas. By the time the 25th arrives, you will have made 25 memories and gifts will not be the focus. Need examples? With or without kids, you can...
Go caroling one night
Take several nights to decorate your home
Light candles and spend the evening remembering past Christmases
Set a pretty table every night in honor of Christ's birth
String popcorn and cranberries
Read several Christmas books out loud throughout the season
Wear red one day every week. Wear green one day every week!
Make your own wrapping paper by stamping veggies in paint and pressing on butcher paper!

Got the idea? Be creative...and only use cash when buying presents this year. Not only will you have a Merry Christmas, but also a Happy New Year...debt-free!

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