Tuesday, November 18

Temperature tips

My home, cute as it is, was built in 1938 and it's cold!

I've been working all day on an article that's due this week and as I type my fingers are ice cold. ICE COLD.

It is 31 degrees outside and thermostat in my home is set at 69 degrees...I am unusually cold at all times...so I've got to do something or it will be a very chilly winter in the May household.

Rather than crank up my thermostat and pay the consequences later, I did a little research on how to keep my home temperature high and my heating bills low.

According to WCCO television, the average family spends $1,000 a year to heat its home. Here are a few tips to help reduce heating costs this winter:

Check outlets on outer walls. If they are letting in cold air, plug em.

If you have an attic door(s) use weather stripping to seal the attic door.

Seal all windows (or add plastic to them like we did!).

Turn down the thermometer at night and when you are not at home. Get a prgrammable thermostat (for as little as $32). Turn your thermostat to 68 during the day and lower at night or when you are gone for extended periods of time.

Replace or clean furnace filters once a month. And be sure to schedule a furnace tune-up so it is running efficiently.

Let the sunshine in....open blinds/drapes and let nature heat your home on sunny days. Close them when the sun goes down or on cloudy days - it keeps the warmth in.

Close off vents and rooms that are not used daily. Keep the warmth in the rooms you reside in most often.

If you live in a newer home you probably don't have to worry about attics or old windows. But if your home is big, it still takes a lot of energy to heat.

Don't we all have other things we would rather spend our money on than the heating bill? Lets be wise stewards of our resources...and reap the rewards later!

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