Friday, March 20

First day of spring!

Today is the first day of spring! It doesn't seem like it here in MN beause it's cold, cloudy and raining. But isn't rain the first sign of spring?

As if this week doesn't hold enough opportunities to celebrate, today is another one.

Put away your winter decor. Get out your spring colors...rugs, pillows, centerpieces, etc.

Get out your recipes and make a list of good ones for the spring. Include a handful of new ones to try in the next few months.

Go through your wardrobe and pack up the heavy sweaters (leave some of the lighter ones if your weather is still cool like ours).

Most of all, take time to notice the sunshine, the longer, lighter days and the changes nature brings this time of year.

Go for a walk - with friends, your spouse, your kids, whomever. Enjoy and celebrate the gift of health and the smell of spring!

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