Wednesday, March 11

Great Advice

One great tip I received when I was a young mom was to do what I love to do with my children. I think I was complaining at the time, to an older woman, that I really didn't like to play board games.

She responded with a question, "Then why do you play board game with them?"

I thought all good moms played board games.

She went on to suggest that I do what I love to do...with my kids.

It was then that I visited the library more often, because I loved to read.

I played in the wading pool with my kids because I loved to be outdoors and stay cool

I made healthy food with them in the kitchen because I loved to eat

I walked around the lake with them because I loved to walk

I taught them how to play hide and seek because I loved the peace and quiet for a few moments:)

I found that my list of things that I liked to do with my kids was quite lengthy and gave me alot of interaction with my kids. I was a mom with a good attitude because I was doing the things I loved to do...with my kids.

It was great advice is great advice that I pass on to you:)

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