Wednesday, March 18

March Madness

March Madness starts tomorrow!

We have friends hosting an all-day party at their house...possibly for multiple days in a row.

Are you aware of March Madness? It's not something we really celebrate or watch a lot of in the May household, but it's fun to hear the excitement of those who love basketball.

If your husband or children are basketball fans, tomorrow and into the weekend is a great chance to surprise them by having b-ball days at your house.

Make game friendly food.

Wear team colors (here it's maroon and gold for the gophers!).

Watch the games as a family and talk about the players together. Or rent and watch a basketball movie and then talk about the sport. Some movie options are (be sure to check movie ratings):
Coach Carter
Glory Road
Air Bud
He Got Game

Whatever you do, make it fun and memorable and celebrate the little things in life!

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