Tuesday, March 24

Update on my theme

The theme I chose for 2009 is Daily Bread.

As the mom of a young child and a mother-to-be of a second, partaking in my Daily Bread is essential.

However, I'm quickly learning that choosing my daily bread first is a matter of the mind....of the will. I can desire to spend time in the Word but desire doesn't get me anywhere. It's following through on that desire.

I am an all or nothing gal. Some days when I don't think I have adequate time to meet with the Lord, I don't do anything at all.

Other days I know I need to, but instead I procrastinate. I avoid it like the plague. I find anything and everything to do instead. I choose other things instead of investing in my theme: a book, the television or my computer.

When I choose to partake in my Daily Bread, I am more patient, more encouraging, more loving, more intentional, more prayerful. I am more aware of the needs of others as I go throughout my day. I am mindful of Scripture as I face various circumstances in my day.

When I skip my Daily Bread I am self-focused, hurried, striving to accomplish my agenda, and often distracted by unimportant things in my day.

I guess I didn't realize that my theme this year would be so...daily.

I didn't realize it would be a choice I had to make...daily.

I didn't understand how it would effect me...daily.

I've got a long ways to go on my theme - one day at a time.

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