Monday, March 16

St. Patricks Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. It is also my husband's birthday!

Today I bought Samuel a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt, we bought window stickers, some green plates and a pair of fun socks. I went grocery shopping tonight and bought food to make him a special dinner tomorrow night.

I realized that I'm going the extra mile because it is my husband's birthday tomorrow, but I really do love celebrating different holidays and the seasons they represent. I also recall growing up in a home where my mom decorated for the seasons and holidays. It is a tradition I would like to carry on with my kids.

For me, as the years go by and my kids get older, building my home will include recognizing and celebrating the seasons and the holidays. I'm not into buying for the sake of supporting the retail world, but I do think there is joy in celebrating fun days and milestones.

Tomorrow make sugar cookies with your kids and add green sprinkles or green frosting.

Dress your kids in green.

Hide a treat somewhere in the house and have them search for the 'pot of gold.'

Have green jello, green veggies, green pancakes, green milk, or whatever you can think up for your meals.

Make this a fun day of celebrating life, love and the joy of each season!

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