Monday, March 2

Will the recession make you fat?

"Will the recession make you fat?" was the title of a segment on the Today Show this morning. You can read the online article here.

There were some great shopping tips and good reminders on how to save money when going grocery shopping.

Many consumers think it's too expensive to eat healthy (fresh fruits and veggies are expensive). Buy fresh fruit and vegetables when they are on sale or buy frozen.
They suggest scaling back on eating out and you'll save money there. Limit excessive snack-buying (pre-packaged snacks can be spendy). Buy larger containers of yogurt, cereal, and snacks and divide into smaller portions.

Stop buying beverages such as fancy coffee, fruit drinks, fruit juices, soda, and bottled water. Invest in a home filtering system and guzzle clean, good (and virtually free!) water. They made the recommendation to buy a few colorful water bottles and keep those filled with cold, refreshing water. I got a Camelbak water bottle for Christmas this year and it sits on my counter (or in my bedroom or living room) all day and I keep filling it with my filtered water. This helps me to rarely drink pop or other sugary beverages. Sames goes for my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. They bought a few Camelbak water bottles and refill them constantly. We are all learning how these healthier and cheaper habits can benefit our budget and our waistline!

You can read all the food tips and suggestions online (it's worth your time!).

Another angle of the segment was that when people are stressed they eat more - and they tend to eat more comfort foods. People who are feeling discouraged or depressed, will also exercise less and prefer to spend time as a 'couch potato.'
In hard economic times, people stop their personal trainers, quit their gym memberships, and get little exercise. They suggest choosing exercises that are free such as working out at home using tv exercise shows or walking. Exercise is exactly what we all need to help with depression and give us more joyful attitudes in these hard times.

The Today Show also noted that people turn to alcohol to calm them down when they are anxious and nervous about the economy. Alcohol is a depressant so it can make things worse if someone is already struggling through a tough situation.

This week Barb and I will share some healthy and budget-friendly recipes. If you have ones to share please comment or e-mail us - we'd love to post your recipes and we'd love to try them out ourselves!

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