Tuesday, March 23

Good Books

Several weeks ago I heard Dennis Prager interview John Rosemond, author of The Well-Behaved Child. I sat in my car and waited until the interview was over because I was so excited to hear what this author had to say. Lots of common sense, and effective ways to parent.

The book is chocked full of good stuff. I'll just give you a few highlights....

"The most obedient children are also the happiest children" (Parenting axiom Three)
This is just one of 5 axioms.

He maintains a parent needs to act like a leader:

He shares a Parenting Creed:
1. I know what I'm doing (I am decisive)
2. I know where I'm going (I have a vision that guides my decisions)
3. I know what I want (I am assertively direct; I don't beat around the bush when it comes to giving instructions)
4. I know I'm going to get it. ( I am positive, optimistic, self-assured, and inspiring; I bring out the best in people

Sounds like an intentional parent, doesn't it? So much of what he says is based on the parent knowing who he/she is. We talk about this in Homemakers all the time. No matter what age your child is...you will be a better parent if you know the direction in which you are going.

Rosemond contends that the majority of parents today are "stressed, uncomfortable in their authority and vague" when parenting their children.

The interview was so easy to listen to. I found myself saying 'Amen' to a few of his comments. The book has alot of stuff to take in and alot to apply but it is encouraging all along the way.

Near the end of the book he says to "make Proverbs 22:6 your vision statement":
"It's about your child's character, not his achievements; manners, not skills. Besides, people of good character figure out how to share their gifts with the rest of us."

Lots of common sense...and good ideas.

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Kaiser said...

Thanks for this parenting creed-something for me to write and post on my fridge as so many days I seem to lose sight of my purpose and goals somewhere in between the cleaning, whining and errands :)