Thursday, March 11

Knowing Jesus

I am currently in the midst of a crazy week. We have had extreme highs, and extreme lows... and I am tired. Really tired. And yet I am experiencing God's peace. This peace is not coming because I went to church on Sunday. It isn't coming because I went to MOPS this morning and sat with some of my Christian friends, it isn't here because of anything I have done, it is here because I know Jesus. I have gotten to know Him through reading the Bible, praying, and spending time with other believers... but those activities have only been fruitful in my life when I am doing them for the sole purpose of knowing Jesus more. Doing these things out habit or routine, as I've certainly experienced during phases of my walk with Jesus... does nothing to further His kingdom and doesn't allow me to get to know who it is that I am putting my hope in.

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