Monday, March 8

Living Intentionally

Living Intentionally has been a big focus for us in Homemakers with Hope this year. It's a good time to review our 'systems' for food preparation, maintaining our homes, organizing our kids and taking care of our own bodies+++

But what does Living Intentionally mean when it comes to our life as a Jesus Follower?

If I asked you what does that look like in your life...or should look like, what would you say?

Write down your answer...or share it here with us

This past month in Homemakers we were to identify the different roles that we assume daily. We were to identify what stresses us out in each role and what supports us in each role.

All the Homemakers with Hope are followers of Jesus, so we will be talking about that role as well tonight as we meet. We will be sharing our thoughts this week but in the meantime, ponder...

What does the role of a faithful follower of Jesus Christ look like?

Then join us the rest of the week as we share what we are learning.

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