Tuesday, March 9

Living Intentionally

Living Intentionally as a Jesus Follower...what does that look like for you?

Going to church?
Reading your Bible?
Memorizing verses?

....and more

How's that working for you?

So often we women are so eager to get in and DO things, we put the cart before the horse. Living Intentionally as a Jesus Follower can often mess up HIS plan for us.

The life of a Jesus Follower is all about relationships.

A relationship with God
A relationship with one another
A relationship with the world

Jesus wants a relationship with Him and we get busy DOING things FOR Him and we think that we are intentionally building systems that will ultimately please Him.

We see temporary success...Until we fail. Until we get distracted. Until we don't see results.

Then we get disappointed in ourselves.

And we begin a new system. Or we try harder. Or we take a break to get a new perspective.

Living Intentionally as a Jesus Follower can be a life all about ME, I have discovered. It is rooted in PRIDE, thinking I can/will please God by obeying Him, and I get busy intentionally doing something to show my commitment to Jesus.

Trouble is, I fail.

And the cycle continues:
I want to obey God's commandments
I see temporary success
I fail
I get disappointed

I try again

See the I in this cycle? As In PrIde?

If I am to Live Intentionally as a Jesus Follower, I need to see that the I is all about 'intimacy' with God. Not me doing something for Him, but me getting to Know Him.

As a wife, I want to know my husband. I want to talk with him, sit by him, hang out with him, learn to play golf so I can understand the passion he has for that game....intimacy comes out of my love for him. I don't obey him to achieve the goal of loving him.

Living in intimacy with God is the goal of my life as a Jesus Follower. That all begins with humility. It is about Him revealing Himself to me rather than me trying harder to prove myself as a Jesus Follower.

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