Friday, April 2


I have loved reading the posts from Betsy this week. Believe me, I am constantly inspired by her creativity and commitment in mothering well. I also love that she really uses these tools to point to Jesus. She isn't just the creator of all things cute...she has a deeper desire to have her kids know who Jesus is. That makes a for a really wonderful woman to be around and learn from.

We have not done anything "Eastery" this week. We are moving in a week and a half and I am surrounded my boxes. Both of my girls are sick and I am really praying that they are better before Easter. I have a couple baskets with special things inside for them but that is pretty much it. Looking at the sick faces of both of my girls, I am trying to come to terms with the fact that we may miss our church celebration on Easter and it makes me sad. However, it really is showing me what I can value most on Easter. I can value the adorable Easter dresses or egg hunts. But it isn't about that at all. Easter is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The RESURRECTION of Jesus! Today, on Good Friday we remember that God gave his only Son to die a horrible death. Can you imagine that kind of love???? I would die for my children but I would not give their life up for another person. My mind cannot fathom the love He has for me. What wondrous love! And then on Easter morning we will proclaim that Christ has risen. He conquered death! He made it possible for me to live this life with a relationship with my creator. The one who knows my every thought before it is even spoken. The one who has numbered all of my days.

I may celebrate Easter at home this year but we will be celebrating the most precious gift given...our salvation. And believe me...I CANNOT wait for the day that I will hear my sweet girls proclaim, "He HAS RISEN!"

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