Thursday, April 29

Friendships. . . a week and a day late

Well, I must admit, I dropped the ball. I was suppose to write last Wednesday and here we are a week and a day later and I am just getting to it now. Does it help that I have a good excuse? I was with my friends. Twice a year a group of friends and I head up north for a weekend of scrapbooking. I absolutely love scrapbooking, but I love getting away with my friends even more. It is a time to leave the to-do lists at home and relax together. I once read a quote that went something like this:

"The most useless day is that in which we have not laughed."

I think that is what I enjoy most about my weekends away with my friends. We laugh. Sometimes because we share stories about our children, sometimes because we are reading other people's blogs and sometimes just because we are so tired everything seems funny. No matter the reason, I always feel better after a good laugh. So as I am back into the daily grind this week, I am grateful as I think back to last weekend and the time I was able to spend laughing with my friends.

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