Tuesday, April 13

Spring cleaning?

Cleaning and organizing....a topic that I love but have an ongoing, personal struggle trying to achieve!

These days it seems that I can barely maintain my regular cleaning, much less extra in-depth spring cleaning. In the past (read pre-kids) I would go through clothes, and try to organize closets and drawers in the spring.

With two little ones, I find I can hardly get my clothes from the laundry basket to the closet so the thought of 'spring cleaning' seems overwhelming to be honest.

Throughout the years, I have grown so grateful for friends who are willing to help me clean and organize. I have a friend who loves organizing and she has given of her time on multiple occasions to help me with my cupboards and drawers. What a gift she has and what a blessing to me!

I have another friend who is trading 'services' with me and she will soon be coming to help me with an organizing project in my home.

If you have friends with young children, consider taking turns watching each others children so you can get some spring cleaning done around the home.

If you have the gift of cleaning or organizing and know someone who could benefit from that, might I suggest you offer your services? It's a great time to connect and catch up, while being productive. What a blessing you would be to a friend in need.

Or, if you're like me, and can benefit from the help of others, don't be shy. Ask for help when you need it and don't rob others of the chance to bless you!

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