Tuesday, April 6


Live a life that allows room for error.

Isn't that a novel concept? Everyone is so busy striving for excellence, we never consider making room for 'error' in our lives.

Margin allows room for error in my life.

Margin gives me room to breathe and evaluate what I am doing and gives me time to self-correct and get back on track if necessary. It gives me time to relax and enjoy!

Most of us have overloaded lives. We rush to do the urgent and often neglect the important relationships in our lives.

Here's a good exercise to reflect on:

A person who lives to be 75 years old, will experience 3900 weekends.
Find a jar and put 3900 marbles in a jar. Take out one marble each week...put it in another jar and see how quickly time passes.
You can't put the marble back into the first jar once another week is done. Time can and is used up everyday.

This could be a powerful object lesson to reflect upon each week.

Margin keeps me from getting overloaded and making the most of each week.

Eph 5:15 says we are to live wisely, making the most of every opportunity.
What is the wise thing to do?
Love God
Love Others

Life is all about relationships. Margin is necessary to make these relationships real.

The obvious question then is how do we build Margin into our lives if they are overloaded already?

That's where I've found the next word helps keep me on track...Rhythm. I'll share about that tomorrow.

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