Monday, April 12

True Confession!

I don't ever remember really Spring Cleaning my house. Not from top to bottom.

Do you young moms clean your home these days top to bottom?

Turn your mattresses
Wipe the base boards
Wash windows
Pack away your winter clothes
Bring out the spring clothes
Give away the small and tattered items
Make a list of what needs to be bought for the summer season
Put on new bedding...lighter for summer
Clean out all the drawers and vacuum out the corners
...need I say more?

It sure sounds like it would be nice to get the house all in order, but LIFE happens and I always was glad I just was able to get a few necessities done.

I asked myself 3 simple questions as I wandered thru my house looking at the toys, books, clothes, furnishings, etc. deciding what I needed to purge:

1. Is is useful?
2. Is it beautiful?
3. Is it meaningful?

If I was itching to clean things out of my house, I would scrutinize an item with these questions. If the item didn't fit into one of these categories, I would pass the item on to someone else, hoping they would find it to be useful, beautiful or meaningful in their home.

Well, it's spring again! Hallelujah, but I am still not going to be cleaning my home from top to bottom this year. I don't have little kids under foot, but I do have LIFE to deal with. So I am off to put a few things to the '3-question test' and see if that doesn't make my home FEEL alittle cleaner:)

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