Wednesday, April 7


For so many years, I tried to achieve balance in my life. That seemed to be the goal in making a life work.
Balance always seemed elusive though. When one area of my life was under control, another area was reeling into no-man's land. I longed to be able to bring my spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc areas of my life in perfect harmony. It took me way too long to realize that that wasn't going to happen.

When I stopped to look at my life from the vantage point that I moved in 'seasons' through life, I began to focus on rhythm rather than balance.

Seasons have rhythm to them. Bears hibernate; trees lose their leaves; flowers bloom. Our bodies have rhythm...our hearts beat; our sleep cycles; our hair grows.

When I see myself living in a 'season', I need to see what is required of that season for me to get into its rhythm and make the most of that season.

Do I recognize the season I am in and what God is teaching me or do I just endure it as a 'season', hoping the next season will bring me more joy or balance?

Seasons have shaped me. There is a beginning and an end to every season. That is what Solomon talks about in chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes. I haven't always been able to choose the season I was experiencing, but I could choose how I responded to the season I found myself in. There were seasons that I didn't move through too quickly because apparently God wanted me to see the value of that season. I needed to get into the rhythm of how life was unfolding and begin to enjoy it rather than just enjure it.

Each season, each rhythm has changed me. I was well on my way in life before I realized that each rhythm was actually preparing me for the next season.

Life cycles, it has rhythm. Birthdays, graduations, divorce, job loss, sickness, babies are born, family members die. As time goes; seasons come...a rhythm is to be found and seasons go.

A wise woman looks at the 'season' she is in...and she finds rhythm. Rhythm that God gives her to make the most of every opportunity.

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