Wednesday, April 14

my favorite cleaning tool. . .

I am going to cheat a little on today’s post. I am suppose to share about spring cleaning. . .and I will tomorrow. . .but today I just have to share my favorite cleaning tool. I love it so much it deserves it’s own day on the blog. First, you need a little background.

I have hardwood floors throughout my home as well as I am an “on your hands and knees” kind of cleaner. So those two going hand in hand made for tough days spent cleaning on my knees. I must also admit that I love infomercials. I love watching them and I am always blown away by what they say a particular item can do for me. I do not often succumb, only because if it looks too good to be true, it is usually too good to be true. But for some reason this particular product always intrigued me and I told myself that one day I would try it. Well, two Christmases ago I found one on sale at Kohl’s and had another 30% off so I splurged. (Kohl’s also has an unbelievable return policy so if it didn’t do all the infomercial said it would, I could always return it). I think this could hands down be the best purchase I have every made. . .

my Shark steam mop!

They have since made improvements to the newer models, but there is nothing wrong with the older models. I loved mine so much I talked my mom into buying one. She bought the less expensive one, and it works the same, the cord is just shorter and I much prefer the longer cord so I do no need to keep unplugging and re-plugging it. This mop has shortened and improved my cleaning time more than words can describe. Once I sweep the floors, I zip around with this mop (which heats up within seconds) and it cleans and sanitizes my whole main floor in minutes. The hot steam gets up anything that may be under the kitchen table as well as sanitizes my whole floor-I love that!

So if you are in the market for a new mop, take a look at this one. It usually comes with a few different pads so you could also use it in the bathroom with a different pad. I have chosen to still clean the bathrooms the old fashion way, on my hands and knees, just because I think it would be hard to really get around the toilet to get it really clean, but remember that’s just me. Hopefully this little bit of advice will help a few of you struggling to find a way to keep the floors clean without breaking your back or knees. . .happy mopping!

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Katy said...

Betsy, I have been considering getting one of these for a LONG time now but was concerned about whether it would do everything it claimed to do! So glad to heare your 'product review'. :)