Friday, April 9

Quick Question about Margin

Is Margin all about having more time?

Absolutely not.

Probably an even harder area to find Margin in is in the area of finances. If we we have trouble trusting God with our time...trusting Him with our money is even harder.

Just as time management isn't the answer to balancing our time, income isn't the issue when it comes to money matters:

It's life-style

Most of us want a life style that equals or surpasses our income. It's innate, in Americans at least, that 'my money is mine to spend'. Our time is often viewed that way as well. That attitude robs us of Margin because we pile on wants and then we busily have to maintain that life-style.
Our hearts desire more.

Remember in earlier postings I said that Margin was the left-overs. The extra. Wouldn't that be great to have 'left-over' money at the end of every week? Intentionally looking at our life-style when it comes to our time and money may be the first step to finding Margin in your life.

Margin in our time and in our money will give us the freedom we need to give to others and begin building true relationships.

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brianandmiranda said...

Thanks for sharing about margin this week. Such good reminders about the things we give our time and money too.