Tuesday, September 9

Do Hard Things

We've all done hard things in life. Is it the exception for you or the rule to do hard things?

It was a hard thing for me to re-evaluate a friendship I had and realize it wasn't a healthy relationship.

It was a hard thing for me to go back to school when the kids were young so I could work along side my husband.

It was a hard thing for me enter a 50 mile bike race when I turned 50!

It is a hard thing for me, as a Mentor Mom, to talk to a room of young moms.

But it would be a much harder thing if I had NOT chosen to do the hard thing. Each one of these hard things has taught me much.

Doing hard things means taking a risk. There is usually a big unknown associated with doing a hard thing and fear usually is its companion. Fear makes me want to find a reason not to do the hard thing if at all possible.

I have found that fear and faith are not necessarily antithetical.

I wonder if that is why when God speaks in the Bible, the words "Do not be afraid" or "Fear not" are His opening words? Doing a hard thing is a constant battle between faith and fear for me, but I have found that when I move forward on faith, I always am better because of it.

I like to imagine what Esther told herself as she entered the king's court. Her life was on the line when she approached him. It was a hard thing she had to do as a woman and as a representative of her people. Her faith had to remain strong as she fought off the fear.

Strong women do hard things. Wise women feel the fear, but choose to move ahead on faith.

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