Wednesday, September 3

Strong Women

We talk religion in this blog...we might as well add politics and get real dicey!

I know that I am called to love God and my neighbor. That means I have to pay close attention to the neighborhood in which I live. I need to pay attention to the world around me. If I do not understand my environment, I will have a difficult time ministering to it. Therefore, I need to be educated in all areas of life. I need to stretch myself to understand music, literature, government, economics, and social issues in addition to prayer, Bible study, and evangelism.

When I heard that Sarah Palin was on the ticket as the Vice President candidate, it did energize me to follow more closely. How will she be able to withstand the onslaught of media and be able to take in all the information needed to lead a country? She must be a woman who has positioned herself to make the most of her days. She must be a woman who knows her purpose and is very intentional in seeking out what that means to her on a daily basis.

I read an interesting article by Ms. Laura Ingraham, talk show host. In it she said “Sarah Palin isn’t someone who just talks about life and defending life, this is a woman who lives that belief and that principle. She has demonstrated her commitment to the most defenseless among us, both politically and personally. And there’s no bigger threat to this country than a woman who is strong and knows her convictions.” (bold text added by me)

America needs women who are strong and knows what they believe. I am going to be praying for our nation in the next few months. I am going to be praying that the women of this country live out our beliefs and principles. Join me.

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