Tuesday, September 23

Organization 101!

It is my pleasure to be sharing with you a passion of mine, organizing. I will admit that I am blessed with good genes, if there is such a thing, when it comes to being organized. My grandmother loved to clean and organize a closet just for the fun of it as well as my mother, so I will admit I do have a little bit of an advantage in this area, but I also am a firm believer in that anyone can learn how to be organized.

I think being an organized person is often viewed as not a very good thing. We get labeled inflexible, rigid, stuffy, dare I say anal. I guess I would like to put those lies to rest once and for all. I think being organized overwhelms unorganized people at times.
I hope to share with you in the next few days how being organized can actually help you be an effective homemaker without being as overwhelming as you may think.

I would like to start with the benefits of taking the time/making the choice to be organized. Let’s call it what it is, a choice. Just like everything else in our life, exercise, eating right. . . it’s a choice. I think if we look at it in those terms it becomes something that we are able to accomplish, we just may need a few ideas to get us going in the right direction (more to come on that in the next few days).

I think the main benefit is it allows me to maintain the harmony in my home. I know you have probably heard that the woman is the thermostat in the home and taking the time to be organized helps me maintain a comfortable environment for my family. I am able to help them find what they need, be prepared for their day(s), and have our home be a place of rest for them to come home to.

Another benefit of being organized is that I can pass that down to my children. As I stated before I believe being organized can be taught and what better time to do that than when they are young and want to learn from you! I believe I learned my love for organizing from my mom when I was young. My mother loved taking care of her home and I “caught” that love from her. I want my children to learn that being organized is a fun thing that just makes life better. If they take the time to put their toys away after they play with them they are learning to value what they have as well and the knowledge that the next time they want to play with it, it will be where they put it (with all the pieces in the same place as well).

I feel we are living in such a fast paced world that being organized is almost essential to our well-being. It is so easy to get overwhelmed when we can’t find something or when we come home after a long day to find the house is a mess. I believe it drains us of energy - energy that we need to get through each day with the joy and excitement that God wants us to show others. We are then not only overwhelmed with life, we are overwhelmed that we are living in such clutter. That does not lead us to be very effective homemakers.

Please join me tomorrow when I will share a few of my favorite tips on how I stay organized on a daily basis. --BETSY

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