Thursday, September 4

Walk the talk

If you've been watching the Republican National Convention, I'm sure you've seen and heard about the protests taking place daily. I have no problem with peaceful protests. It's our right given to us by the First Amendment to do so.

But I struggle with:

300 local arrests.

Conspiracy to riot.

Taunting, swearing and spitting.

Peaceful demonstrators get overlooked when those who have other purposes follow through on actions that are not in line with what they say they believe.

Barb has often talked in Homemakers about consistency. What we say our values are must be lived out "below the water line."

Every time I see a news report about the not-so-peaceful protesting, I struggle with actions that are clearly not representing beliefs.

The world is watching us ladies. We can say all we want about what we value, what our priorities are and what we believe.

But it's our actions that make the greatest impact. Be it the President, Vice President or the protesters, consistency is key.

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