Friday, September 5

Home Improvement...What's in a banana?

Have you ever second guessed what you were going to find when you peeled a banana? Ever feared you were going to find broccoli or cauliflower? Were you expecting strawberries when you peeled back that banana skin?

I think a banana is the best reminder for me when I think of integrity and living 'below the water line'...being a woman who is consistent to the core. We have talked this week about being strong women and living out our lives to match our beliefs and convictions. To be the same person inside as we project to others on the outside.

This takes alot of introspection and discipline so we can weed out what we may be thinking or doing in private so it matches what we want people to see through our actions.

Make this Home Improvement time, a time to peel back your actions and your image and see what you really find underneath:

Do you have a written purpose for your life?

Can you write out your priorities quickly...knowing what you need to focus on daily?

Could you share 3 major principles that guide your life...and are you living by those principles?

Grab a banana this weekend and as you relish the sweet fruit you find inside, consider what others would find within you when they get to know you. Do what it takes to make your inside as appealing and sweet as your image appears!

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