Wednesday, September 17

Tough Times Require Good Friends

When I had undiagnosed pneumonia and was sicker than a dog, my sister dropped off a fresh pot of turkey noodle soup for my family.

When my father was dying from cancer... his faithful friend, Don came every week just to sit by his bedside.

When I was taking care of my ailing mother month after month...a young mom and her 2 young daughters, seeing my exhaustion, surprised me by delivering a full meal to my family.

When I was frantic when my husband made a big career change...and a friend sent a note of encouragement.

Gerald Sittser makes a good point in his book, A Grace Disguised; "Loss is loss, whatever the circumstances. All losses are bad, only bad in different ways...what value is there to quantifying and comparing losses?"

Loss of health
Loss of mobility
Loss of job
Loss of loved ones
Loss of home

I used to think that there was a hierarchy in suffering and loss. Some situations required more consolation and other situations required less. A phone call was ok for one loss while a visit was mandatory for a loss that was greater. While there may be something to that, life has taught me that loss is loss and my friends have made a difference in my life at all different levels of loss.

Friends have taught me to:
1. Be myself...reach out to others in a way that fits me and my friend.
2. Do something...a call, a card, a hug, a visit. I have learned to acknowledge loss with my friends.
3. Be observant...know when to go home, when to help out with housework, when to send another note.
4. Pray...really pray, don't just say I am going to!

Life may be hard, but having good friends walk along side me has made the journey abit easier.

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