Thursday, February 18

a book recommendation to go with yesterdays post

If any of you are interested in fun ways to decorate your tables, I would like to recommend the book Return to the Table by Dana Christine. My snow table photo came from her book. She has great ideas and really fun things to celebrate. She also uses a lot of things you already have around the house. Hope it will be helpful as you plan fun ways to bring your family back to the table!

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Katy said...

I was reminded of this book with this week's posts! She offers some great ideas!

Two things to share...I like to set a fun table too, so over the years I have scoured the sale items at Target, Kohl's, HomeGoods, etc. to find cute seasonal table linens (and sometimes paper napkins/plates) for super reasonable prices.

We're not Irish in the least, but a few years ago I put out a note on a decorative plate telling my family to dress in green for dinner on St. Patrick's Day. I surprised them with an all-green meal (kiwi, spinach tortellini, granny smith apples, pesto-covered chicken, green grapes, etc.) This quickly became a favorite 'new' tradition!