Monday, February 8

Want the PERFECT Valentine's Gift for your HUSBAND?

Make 2010, a Valentine's Day to remember for your husband.

2010 is a year to be intentional. So be intentional with this gift.

Be intentional and go on a CRITICISM FAST for one week. No critical remarks, no complaining to others about him. Intentionally think good things about your husband. Choose to see the man you are married to, not the man you think he should be.

We just came off a week of blogging about our thought life and our mind. This is a perfect time to put alot of that insight into practice.

If you find you need to clarify something to your husband because he said or did something that really offended you or ticked you off, lead into the discussion with good intent.

"I know you didn't intend to upset me but what you said really hurt my feelings. I know you meant something different, but you came across harshly."

This approach in correcting your man teaches him what he did and why you responded the way you did...without criticizing him.

It's a challenge, but what a gift for the love of your life to receive for one week. NO CRITICISM. That means no grumbling to your mom, girlfriends or even your babies! It means thinking great thoughts about him.

Watch your words

Consider your facial expressions

Don't let your body language speak negatively

Bring every thought about your husband into captivity and replace the negative thoughts with thoughts that build him up in your mind (if you have to go back to your dating days to conjure up those thoughts, do it!)

Check out Ps 141:3 and post this on your mirror until Valentine's Day.

"Set a watch over my mouth, O Lord
Keep watch over the door of my lips"

When Valentine's Day comes on Sunday, trust me, your husband won't be looking for any other gift from you.

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Katy said...

This morning I read this great devotional from and thought I would try copying it as a comment, it so reminded me of your post here Barb!

11 February 2010
Stop Complaining and Start Gaining (1)
"'Do everything without complaining...' "
Philippians 2:14 NIV
Two groups of psychology students were wired for recording purposes, and assigned a period to socialise freely. One group knew the experiment would measure the level of complaining in normal conversation; the other group did not. Afterwards, both groups were shocked by how frequently they complained. The group in the know complained almost as much as the group unaware of what the experiment was aiming to achieve. It's the oldest response in the book-literally! Confronted with our choices and actions, we spontaneously start complaining: 'It was their fault, not mine; if they hadn't...I wouldn't have.' Adam needed no lessons in the art of complaining. Caught red-handed, he told God, 'The woman whom You, she gave me...and I ate.' (Genesis 3:12 NAS) Eve said, 'The serpent deceived me, and I ate.' (Genesis 3:13 NAS) Neither accepted responsibility for their choices. And since God doesn't help people who won't be responsible, He threw the complainers out of Paradise. If they ever subsequently 'got it' regarding complaining, they didn't transmit it to their offspring, Israel: 'Now the people the hearing of the Lord...His anger was aroused. Then fire...consumed...the outskirts of the camp.' (Numbers 11:1 NIV) Notice, all complaining is 'in the hearing of the Lord' and He clearly doesn't want to hear it! Paul writes, 'Do not complain as some of them did; they were killed by the angel that destroys. The things that happened to those people are examples...written down to teach us...' (1 Corinthians 10:10-11 NCV) Clean up your verbal act! Decide to detect, reject and eject all complaining from your vocabulary.
Soulfood Bible Readings
Rom 12-14, Matt 13:47-58, Ps 141, Pr 4:18-19