Friday, February 19

One dinner at a time

I'm going to add my two cents about family dinners...

First, Heidi I am so amazed at your determination to have family dinners even though your husband gets home after 6:00. I am not sure I would be as diligent as you if I was in your shoes. You inspire me!

Secondly, I too firmly believe in the value of eating together as a family. I always thought that when I had a family we would all eat dinner together. And this past week all four of us were in the dining room at the same time for dinner. I think that might be the first time since my 5-month-old was born!

It rarely happens that my husband and I eat at the same time as my 16-month old.
He is very active and eats food at an incredibly fast pace. As quickly as I can cut the food he shoves it in his mouth. So right now I spend dinner cutting his food and give him "mo, mo, mo (more)." When he is done eating, then I usually dish up my food. I know that some day we'll all eat together at a much slower and leisurely pace...laughing, telling jokes and stories and learning about one another's days.

Sometimes I have to fight the guilt or expectation I put on myself that our dinners are not more enjoyable and less chaotic. But these are the days of "mo, mo, mo" and they won't last long. So instead of unrealistic expectations, I'm trying to take it one dinner at a time!

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