Monday, February 22

Who is God, Mommy?

Are you prepared to answer this question when your child asks you?

If you have a personal relationship with God, chances are your kids will ask you sooner rather than later as he/she observes the way in which you live.

That's a good thing.

I've heard the Christian Way of Life described as, "a radical way of life, made possible in Christ, resulting in real, unshakable happiness."

If you are living this out, your kids may ask you why you are so happy rather than Who is God, but either way, you will need to be prepared to give an aswer.

While it is extremely important for a child to realize he/she needs to make a decision to become a Jesus follower by believing that God sent His son to die for our sins, it is also extremely important for a mom to be building her relationship with Christ all along the way. When your child does ask about God, it will be second nature to explain Who He is.

What you tell little ears about God won't be as important as what those little eyes and ears see in their home. If you are growing in an intimate relationship with God, it will be a natural overflow of your heart to share with your children. What captures our hearts will naturally spill out of us.

This relationship is an on-going relationship not just a one time decision. Yes, kids need to decide to become a follower of Jesus, but then they need to know that a relationship with Jesus is life-changing. It is something the two of you can discover and grow together in the years to come.

This week on the blog, young moms will share their real-life experiences with their kids and questions about God.

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