Tuesday, February 9

A Valentine Card to YOU...Be Happy!

I would assume that most of the readers of this blog are women who are looking for good marriages. They want to do what it takes to make their marriage work...and really be happy.

I have contended for many years that one of the best ways to make your marriage work is to be happy! I know I am as guilty as any woman in this area. For some reason we think our husbands are here as a sounding board, ready to absorb all our discontent and complaints.

Men generally are ok with their marriages. Most would probably say they are Happy. They are just unhappy that their wives can't be happy...because that is an attitude we love to convey to our mates.

Years ago, I used to go on a 'date' with my husband...with pen and paper in hand. I was always wanting to improve some aspect of our relationship or our family. I couldn't just Be Happy! Needless to say, it was my attitude that had to improve in order to make 'date night' or any other aspect of my marriage better.

As you plan for Valentine's Day and for your own date nights in 2010, consider the condition of your heart. That is what matters.

I know there are always things to be improved upon. There will always be situations you want to be different, but complaining and criticizing only closes down your husband's heart.

Here's an early Valentine card to you this year:

Dear Homemakers with Hope Anywhere and Everywhere,

1. Don't be critical with/of your husbands
2. Be Happy

...and have a wonderful Valentine's day all year long


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