Thursday, February 11

Oh how I love Valentine's Day! I have always loved this holiday. Even when I was single I loved it. However, this year feels a little less romantic to me. I have two babies. I absolutely love my babies but they have changed some things around here. I have spit up on every outfit I wear. Unfortunately, that spit-up usually smells. :) I no longer feel as confident about my post-baby body. My four month old HATES bottles and refuses it passionately. That leaves me with a three to four hour date window. To top it all off we are tired. Like really tired. Like so tired we both get jealous of our 20 month old's 8:00 bedtime.

Despite these circumstances, I know that I love my husband and I want him to know it without question. I think it is really easy to get so wrapped up in mommyhood that I forget that the best gift I can ever give my girls is to love their dad like crazy. The demands of parenting are great and it is easy for me to spend all of my energy on my kids and have my husband get the leftovers. This is not how healthy marriages are sustained. My husband and I are a team and we are in this together.

So, my challenge for us all is to celebrate Valentine's day more than once a year. Love your husband well. Speak kindly, respond to him graciously, and give your marriage priority.

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