Friday, February 12

What kind of wife am I?

I loved Barb's idea to take a fast from criticizing my husband for a week. For me, I think I might have to try to fast for just one day!

This is an area that I need great improvement on. With two little ones, little sleep, not enough energy or time in the day...there is much to be done around the home and somehow my husband never does it quite to my liking. 

He said to me the other night, "It's never good enough is it?" 

I have pondered that statement because that is NOT the kind of wife I want to be. I don't want to be a never-good-enough kinda wife. I am married to an imperfect man. 

And you know what? 

He's married to a very imperfect woman.

So I'm going to try and take Barb's challenge this Valentines weekend. I'll start with Saturday and see how I do. No criticizing. For one day. Not about how he cares for the kids, cleans the kitchen...nothing. 

I am grateful to have a husband to celebrate this Valentines with. And, I am grateful he loves me in spite of MY imperfections.

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