Wednesday, August 13

"Best Scenario"

I love watching these Olympics! I fall into bed too late after watching the final presentations and then I am up early, energized by what I saw the night before. So many lessons to take away from these 'games'. Can you believe these individuals work for years and years for just a few moments of victory or defeat? How can they justify so much time and energy into one activity that will soon fade into history?

It's the lessons that they learn along the way that will be engraved in their minds forever that will make it worth it.

I liked what one announcer said. He said something to the effect that the best scenario for the gymnastic team was for them to botch up a performance early on and then recover and 'set the train back on track'. He meant that if they experienced a flaw in their performance but were able to recover, they would move forward with even greater determination to win.

What a great life lesson that is. I don't receive gold medals for my efforts, but perhaps I should act as if I do. When I waver on my 'balance beam' or step out of bounds in my speech...I should quickly see that my 'best scenario' is to recover and put my 'train back on track'... to do better and be successful in what I ultimately want to achieve.

Yesterday I wavered in my attempt to make a tough decision for work. Today, I will put that 'train back on track' and follow through with a decision.

Yesterday I failed to make a phone call that would have brought encouragement into a friend's life who is recovering from surgery. Today, I will put that 'train back on track'.

Yesterday I didn't I already have put that 'train back on track'.

Once again I realize I don't have to be an Olympian to practice some of their basic principles. When I fail to do my best, the best scenario is to recover and put my 'train back on track.'

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