Monday, August 25

The Count Down Is On...

Most schools will be starting next week....are you ready? How did you do with your summer 'Fave Five' list? See our postings for the week of May 19th and see if you accomplished what you set out to do this summer.

One idea I proposed in the spring was to leave alot of 'empty spaces' on your summer calendar so you could fit the fun stuff in. I encouraged you to limit your childrens' activities so you could be intentional in their life and just have a relaxed, family summer. I hope you found that tip helpful.

Now school is around the corner. It was about this time of year, when my kids were young, that I began moving their bedtime up so they would be ready when the first day of school was upon us. Long summer nights were fun to enjoy since the kids could sleep in abit, but school days aren't so pleasant when my kids were sleep deprived! It didn't matter what their age was, I found if I set an earlier bed time before the first day of school, everyone benefited from it.

Also, the 'Back to School' sales are on. I always got the kids involved in selecting what they needed and made a big deal of the 'decisions' they were making. It was a good time to talk about value and cost and how to save money by using coupons or buying generic brands. Simple activities but good lessons to pass on to your children.

There are a ton of great ideas for winding down the summer...share your favorites with us!

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