Friday, August 29

Home Improvement...

Have a fun Labor Day Weekend! This is the weekend to celebrate our country's work-force...and women and moms certainly lead the way as workers.

So take time for yourself and celebrate all that you do for your family.

It is also a good time to explain to your kids that their job is to become all that they can become. Encourage them as they head off to school again that being a student is their job and they should work in such a way that they can be proud of their accomplishments.

Have a family chat about God giving us the privilege of working. He blessed us with the ability to work when He created man and woman to work in the Garden of Eden. Work is not something to be avoided or resented. As women of our households, we can set a great example of working with enthusiasm and pride.

So celebrate all that you do in and for your family this weekend. It's bound to improve your home!

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