Wednesday, August 20

Healthy Habits

Everyday it seems I struggle with so much to do. I always have a to-do list a mile long. I think that's just my personality :) I have continually been challenged to come up with a 'system' for my to-dos.

I tend to write notes everywhere but I drive myself crazy. Last year I created an Excel document for my to-do list and I had column for everything I needed/wanted to do. The bar across the top of the page says: Tasks, Projects, Cards, E-mail, Call, Gifts, Errands.

While I am currently not using this system (I am using a to-do notebook right now), it does reflect my priorities.

I am a girl who has a constant list of projects to do, I communicate very well and often via e-mail, and I love giving gifts so I made a column for that.

Writing notes and cards is also a priority. But I often forget. Or the urgent crowds out the important. Or I am out of stamps. Or I think of it in the car and then I forget when I'm at home.

I've discovered if it is a priority in my life I need to create a system to make it work. I love getting handwritten notes and cards. And I love sending them.

I have a binder with all my addresses, stamps and a box with cards and envelopes. I still don't write as often as I should, but I'm better than I was.

It takes effort and energy to build habits. But isn't writing a note filled with words of gratitude, affirmation or encouragement a habit worth building?

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