Friday, August 8

Home Improvement

Since we've been talking this week about how to spend the last month of the summer, lets each take some time to think through and be intentional about our plans.

Do you need to schedule some rest and relaxation? Then set aside some time to do so.

Do you need a date night or two with your spouse? Put it on the calendar (and call up a babysitter now if need be!).

Do you need to spend some time with family or a friend you haven't seen? Call or e-mail them today to schedule a coffee or dinner.

If you haven't taken any vacation, get a couple days on the calendar before summer is over! Before you know it the craziness of fall will be here and lazy summer days will be long gone.

Wise women need to plan so that the 'good and better' doesn't take over the 'best' and the urgent doesn't crowd out the important.

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