Tuesday, August 12


Right now the US women's team is competing for the finals in gymnastics. There are four young ladies and they are judged in four areas: floor, vault, uneven bars and beam.

There have been some amazing moves. A few mistakes. What intrigues me the most is the way after each gal finishes her part, she hugs each team member. They truly are a team. If one messes up, the team suffers. If one scores extra high points, the team benefits.

From day one of our marriage, my husband has reminded me that we are a team! We make decisions together. We plan together. We work together. We balance out each other's strengths and weaknesses. If one of us makes a mistake with finances, we both deal with the consequences.

When we said our vows it was for good, bad and everything in-between. There is no 'this is mine' and 'that is yours.' I need to think like a team member. I can't choose what is best for me. I need to choose what is best for us.

Living as a team is a work in progress. And there is a lot of work involved. And as we've seen from the Olympics, it takes daily perseverance, commitment and practice.

Some days are golden. Other days are far from bronze. But what a privilege to be part of a team!

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