Wednesday, August 6

Guilty pleasures

Wow, that headline sounds like the name of a trashy romance novel.

Speaking of books.....I'm not sure I've shared with all of you that I like to read. I mean I REALLY like to read.

In fact, I would say that reading is among my top five favorite things to do. I am not sure what the other four are, but it's definitely on my list of favorites.

I started a new book this week by Jodi Picoult that I've been anxiously waiting to read. That was maybe not the wisest idea since I have plenty of house projects calling my name and I'm in the middle of wrapping up a large writing project.

But last night I threw caution to the wind after my husband quickly dozed off, and I read for 90 glorious minutes. I could have kept reading, but responsibility got the better of me.

Maybe you enjoy reading? Maybe not. Maybe there is another hobby or activity or past time that calls your name and draws you away from household responsibility.

Whatever that activity might be, may I suggest you allow yourself the sweet pleasure of enjoying it this month? Before you know it summer will be over, fall will be busy with commitments and you'll look back and wonder what you did all summer.

Make the decision this week to spend August intentionally. Rollerblade. Bike. Garden. Take walks. Focus on photography. Fish. Swim. Eat out on patios. Bird watch. Play mini golf or other games you enjoy. Paint. Watch sunsets.

Whatever floats your boat - do it! And don't feel guilty.

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