Wednesday, May 26


Thanks so much for your prayers for Meredith yesterday! All the way from Switzerland!

The most immediate update on her was that she was still in surgery last night, but the doctors were hopeful that the cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes. That is much to be thankful for.

Circumstances like health and relationships drive us to prayer quickly, don't they?

"The average person prays 3 minutes a month" a pastor recently said.

Yet the Bible says we are to be in constant prayer.

Sad, isn't it that prayer is how we are to connect with God, but somehow we don't care that God is here with us throughout our day...for all our needs.

What would you do if God was coming to your house today? In less than 1 hour?

Would you clean? Prepare a big meal? Cut the grass?

Would you think about preparing your heart before He arrived?

In Luke 10:38, Jesus came to Martha and Mary's house. Martha set about doing the things we woman are good at. She cleaned and cooked and was ready to be hospitable. But she was also 'worried and upset about many things.'

Mary chose 'what was better'...what would 'not be taken away from her'. She SAT at the Lord's feet and LISTENED. She must have prepared her heart all along so all she wanted to do was communicate with Jesus.

Thanks for praying for Meredith yesterday...
today pray for yourself and your family. Pray for your health and protection. Pray for your finances and your job. Pray for your husband. Pray for your friends. Pray for the oil spill in the gulf. Pray
a prayer of thanksgiving for the beautiful spring days, your family and your blessings. Pray for your attitude. Pray for your 'to do' list. Pray for your enemies.

If we don't pray about something, we are communicating to God that we can handle it.

Learn to pray about everything...and everything will change.


cybil said...

keep on praying!

Katy said...


I just saw this: ASAP "Always Say A Prayer".