Friday, May 14

Theme 2010

My theme for this year is prayer. You may be thinking that it should probably be a theme I focus on every year but I felt particularly drawn to focus on it now. In January of this year we found out that our daughter has a condition that could have some pretty big effects on her little life. However, she could also live a very normal life with minimal effects from the disorder. We have no idea what the future holds for our family. There isn't a step by step process or action steps we can take. We just simply wait and see. As a mom this has rocked my world. I want to be doing things. Getting help. Fixing things. Taking away any possibility of hard times. BUT, I can't. I can love her, kiss her, support her, and PRAY. Prayer is my action step. It is my most powerful weapon. Because it is the way that I will get through whatever comes our way. Communion with Jesus will be what gives me the peace, strength and hope to face any challenges. That is why I will focus on prayer.

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