Tuesday, May 18

The Wrap Up

Homemakers with Hope had our last meeting of the year last night. Once again we all commented as to how fast the months slipped by.

Want a peek into some of what we learned?!

There are 2 ways to live as a Christian woman:

1. From Self. This woman sees the teaching of the Bible as a great guideline. She wants her kids to learn from the Bible. She feels it's her job to do the things mentioned in the Bible...she's hoping the 'things' she does will transform her life and her family.

2. Thru Christ... This woman also sees the Bible as a great guideline for her life...but she knows that she can't live a life like that. Only Christ can live it...thru GRACE. She daily looks to Christ to drive her life...to live thru her and she gains freedom and joy as she is transformed from the inside out...by grace!

We also reviewed how a woman handles failure and mis-steps.
Overcoming failure does not mean becoming successful...it means remaining faithful. You continue to TRUST God. He gives you perspective as you work thru your disappoointments

We talked about our roles as women again this year. We defined spiritual maturity as: "Recognizing that 'knowing God' is the greatest pursuit of my life and then ordering my life around that relationship"

Intentionality was a focus this year. Being intentional as a mom and homemaker, a wife and friend can all lead to a more productive life. Being intentional in knowing God means we focus on our relationship with Christ, not more activity. (That spurred on a good discussion)

As I look thru my notes, so much gets lost without hearing our discussion. Part of the challenge this year was to share our thoughts in this blog. None of us are inspiring writers, but this venue gave us an opportunity to share a viewpoint that is often lost in the mountains of information and influences that are available to young women today.

Perhaps my thoughts about Homemakers this year is summarized best by Andy Stanley in this quote from his book, Louder than Words:

"Today you took a step. You either moved closer or further away from what you hope to be. Most people move further away. A handful overcome the negative inertia of this fallen world and moved forward. But nobody-nobody-stood still."

As Homemakers with Hope and all you readers, I hope we can all be moving closer to what we hope to be. Closer to what God has in mind for us by encouraging and walking along side each other in this busy world of being a woman.

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