Wednesday, March 26

3 rings + folders = command central?

Up until about two months ago I had a basket on my kitchen counter. When you walked in from the garage the basket was right there. In went the mail, the bills, the invitations, the cards, the coupons. It was a catch all for....everything! (I wish I had taken a picture of it!!)

This basket became an eye sore and my husband hated it! He could never find what he was looking for and when I needed something I had to dig through a basket of miscellaneous items to find it.
...wasting time and energy.

Proverbs 31
:27 says "She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness." I realize that while I was managing the affairs of my home, I was not doing a very good job.

And if I am going
to manage, why not manage well?

To watch over the affairs of the household in 2008 I believe a Home Management Binder can help us do that well. Check out for their description of this type of binder. I love this quote from their web site: "By compiling and storing family information in a central location, life at home benefits. No more searching for scraps of paper or mislaid permission slips. They're always right where they belong: in the household notebook."

Here's what you'll need to create your own binder (aka command central notebook):

A 3-ring binder

Clear page protectors
or pocket folders

I do not have children so these are my current categories with examples of items in each category:

  1. Errands (Store coupons when I am out and about, reminders about upcoming sales)
  2. Home (Vietnam Vets pick-up reminder, paint swatches, garbage disposal guy, some business cards, a print out from a web site I may need for moving, a post card from a local artist, directions and hours for furniture stores)
  3. Food (Let's Dish coupon, pamphlets for two different stores I'd like to check out, directions to a bakery, menu for local Thai take-out)
  4. Medical (Appointment reminder cards, directions, phone numbers, dental coupon for free whitening, list of supplements I'm taking)
  5. Events (wedding save the dates and invitations)

If/when I have children, I might add sections like activity/sports schedules, school-related information and baby sitter information.

Some people create more of a daily binder with menu planning, grocery lists and coupons, daily schedules, chore lists for kids, cleaning schedules, etc. I have found that my recipes and menu planning have taken on a life of their own so they need a separate recipe binder. I view this more as a reference, but it can be whatever you make of it.

Do you want to know something rather ironic? It doesn't matter how cute or organized or user-friendly your binder is, IF YOU DON'T USE IT. As I was going through my binder to list out my categories I came across a coupon for $5 off an oil change at Midas. Guess what? I just got my oil changed last Thursday and didn't think to look in my binder for a coupon! A good reminder that this is always a work in progress...and it will take time to create a habit of using this regularly!

E-mail us with questions or clarifications and lets start managing the affairs of our household a bit better!

Here's a picture of the cover of a friend's binder. It might inspire you creative types....

Tomorrow Barb will post her categories.
Until then, start gathering appt. cards, business cards, post cards, coupons, invites, reminders, schedules, etc. If you already have a system in place no need to change it. This is to help centralize those things that just don't seem to have a home.

Are you ready to get started???

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great idea!! I went today and got my supplies for my Household Binder. We continue to struggle with finding things and being organized, it wastes alot of time and patience. I will let you know how the finished product turns out. I am going to get started on it today.