Thursday, March 20

Habits, habits...

It has been estimated that more than 10,000 thoughts pass through the human mind every day!

We have so many thoughts....joyful thoughts, excited thoughts, loving thoughts, sad thoughts, angry thoughts, hurtful thoughts, anxious thoughts, concerned thoughts.

In her book Loving God With All Your Mind, Elizabeth George talks about Philippians 4:8...thinking on things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, ++.

If God commands us to think these good thoughts than it must be possible right?

But how do we do that? Elizabeth suggests three habits that she has relied on through the years: memorize, meditate and apply God's Word.

She memorizes verses by taping index cards around her home (on mirrors, doors and above her kitchen sink).

She meditates throughout her day on passages that encourage her to think good thoughts. As negative or anxious thoughts fill her mind, Elizabeth stops and asks herself, "Am I thinking on what is true and real?"

She applies all this by putting into practice what she has memorized and meditated on. She says it's not good enought to know what we shold do, but we actually have to do it!

Hmmm....this sounds a lot like what I've learned in Homemakers over the years!

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