Friday, March 21

Home Improvement!

In the past, we challenged you with homework on Fridays. Now we are going to ‘class it up abit’ and call it “Home Improvement”. Basically, it will be homework…but the intent will be to improve yourself as a wife, woman, mom, daughter, businesswoman, friend, child of God, homemaker and in turn you will be improving your home! I hope you consider this challenge, because a favorite line of mine is:
a woman isn’t wise because of what she knows, she is wise by the way in which she lives.

So here’s the Home Improvement challenge for this week:
We have shared about what it means to ‘think good thoughts’ this week. I would like you to identify ONE re-occurring thought that haunts you. For example, coveting…wanting what your friends have. Not only is this a personal weakness for me, it is mentioned in the Ten Commandments so I know it is a prevalent mindset.

After you have identified a negative thought you would like to control, think of what would be a thought that would be the exact opposite of that bad one.
For me, I work on replacing a coveting thought with a thought of celebration for person I am envious of. I congratulation them, compliment them, ask to see their new home or whatever it is I am jealous of. When I find myself coveting, I know exactly what thought I need to bring to mind to wipe out my bad thought. It isn’t easy, but I never said it was!

When you are on a diet, you have to make new choices. Instead of a chocolate chip cookie when you are trying to change your eating habits, you choose a cup of yogurt. So think of this challenge as a ‘thought diet’ for your mind! Instead of anger, you choose forgiveness; instead of greediness, you choose to be generous; instead of criticizing, you choose to perceive what is true…etc.

For this Home Improvement challenge, just work on replacing one harmful thought with it’s opposite. Be mindful of this all weekend. Use Stacy’s tips to help you…little reminders around the house to keep your mind free of the damaging thoughts that your mind wanders to.

In all of this, ask God for His Spirit to keep your mind thinking on things that will start to shape your mind to be as attractive as you want your body and home to be. In time, this will be the ultimate makeover!

("Do not worry...pray about everything,...give thanks...His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7 LNIV)

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